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Health DataX

In order to create meaningful information to improve population health, data need to be combined from different sources and aggregated by location. But there is a problem. Data from different sources are not compatible with each other. They do not have the same structure, do not use the same vocabulary, and do not use the same format to represent location. Some data use GPS coordinates while others reference location by name. It is resource intensive to reconcile these kinds of disparities in order to integrate data from different sources to find the information you need.

Health DataX is a platform that enables the integration, collaboration, and location-based analysis of social determinants of health data.

Our Focus

By working with health professionals world wide for over eight years we are refining processes and technology to help automate the integration of disparate data to create meaningful information.

Health Indicator Discovery

Find critical indicators of health that make a real difference in the lives of those that need it.

Health Data Integrator

Blend and access data from different sources to analyze indicators that impact peoples health the most.

Health Data Exchange

Find, share, and collaborate with the organizations that have the data you need to improve health outcomes.

Who We Serve

Healthcare Providers

Improve patient outcomes, provide increased visibility into patient populations, increase data value and enable enhanced risk opportunities.

Healthcare Payors

Reduce patient care costs, improve patient population management.

Health Information Exchanges

Create new sources of revenue, improve data value, enable enhance patient population management.

Medical Research Institutions

Make critical discoveries.

Functionality To Drive Business and Discovery

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